Pseudo Distributed Cluster Installation in Storm

Hi Storm Viewers,

This post will give you an idea about Pseudo installation of storm. This storm can able to perform on the fly analysis perfectly in a fast manner. Follow the Installation steps to get Storm in your machine


Storm can be downloaded from below link. Visit Storm official web Site for the latest version.

We need Zookeeper , before installing Storm. Follow the installation steps of Zookeeper.
Zookeeper Installation
1) Download Zookeeper
$ wget

2) Untar and configure Zookeeper
$ tar -zxcf zookeeper-3.4.6.tar.gz

Enter into Zookeeper/conf folder and copy the zoo_sample.cfg to another file zoo.cfg.
$ cd zookeeper-3.4.6
$ cd conf
$ cp zoo_sample.cfg zoo.cfg
$ vi zoo.cfg (add the properties)


3) Start Zookeeper

$bin/ start

$ jps


Download Storm
$ wget

Untar Storm and enter in to conf folder of Storm, you will find a storm.yaml file.

$ tar -zxvf apache-storm-0.9.3.tar.gz
$ cd apache-storm-0.9.3
$ cd conf

$ vi storm.yaml

- “localhost”

storm.zookeeper.port: 2181 “localhost”
storm.local.dir: “/home/saravanan/hadoop2/storm”

Start Storm Single Node
After configuring storm.yaml , start the daemons of Storm i.e nimbus, supervisor, core.

$ cd apache-storm-0.9.3
$ bin/storm nimbus
$ bin/storm supervisor
$ bin/storm ui

With the help of jps command, Check whether all daemons are running


Check for Browser : localhost:8080


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