Installing Pseudo Distributed cluster in Windows for MongoDB

Hi MongoDBlisterners,

This material is giving you some basic steps to install MongoDB in a windows machine. Follow the steps to get MonogDB in you windows machine.


1. wmic os get osarchitecture (give this command in cmd to get the result)
2. Download
3. Extract the archive to C:\ by right clicking on the archive and selecting Extract All and browsing to C:\
4. (Optional) Move the mongodb directory
Go to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories.
Right click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator from the popup menu.
In the Command Prompt, type the following commands:
move C:\mongodb-win32-* C:\mongodb
5. md data
6. md data\db
7. \mongodb\bin\mongod.exe
Waiting for the connections indicates database started
Now in the popup select the Private networks
8. \mongodb\bin\mongo.exe
9. We can also set the alternate for the db
\mongodb\bin\mongod.exe –dbpath d:\test\mongodb\data
If we have spaces between the path
\mongodb\bin\mongod.exe –dbpath “d:\test\mongo db data”


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