Installing Pig in Hadoop-1.X cluster

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This article is about the installation of pig in your machine. This will help you to install apache pig and open the grunt shell, which will accept piglatin language. To install pig you need hadoop dependencies in your machine. Make sure that you have hadoop in your machine


1. Download Pig from below link. If you need the latest version of pig then download it from pig official Site

2. Extract the Pig tar
$ tar -zxvf pig-0.14.0.tar.gz

3. Set the Hadoop Path in .bashrc file (Before starting pig, hadoop should be there in you machine.)
$ vi .bashrc
export JAVA_HOME=/home/bigdata/jdk1.6.0_45
export HADOOP_HOME=/home/bigdata/hadoop-1.2.1
export PIG_HOME=/home/bigdata/pig-0.14.0

4. Execute the .bashrc file
$source .bashrc

5. Start your Hadoop Cluster

6. Start your pig
$ cd pig-0.14.0
$ bin/pig
(Now grunt shell got opened and pig installation gets completed)


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